LivePure LP260TH-W Sierra Series True HEPA Digital Tall Tower Air Purifier for Home Captures Allergens, Smoke, Pollen, Mold, Dust Mites, Pet Hair, Energy Star Certified, Teak/Pearl White

  • Doctor recommended air purifier for home, allergies and asthma. True HEPA filter captures 99. 97 percent of particles as small as 0. 3 microns in size including dust, smoke, pollen, pet hair and dander, mold and dust mites.
  • Natural coconut carbon pre-filter reduces household odors from cooking, cleaning, smoking and pets.
  • ENERGY STAR rated air purifier lowers energy consumption.
  • Cleans the air in a small room 200 sq. ft. in size over 117 times per day.
  • Features 3 fan speeds, sleep mode, timer, LED accent light, filter replacement indicator, whisper quiet operation, soft touch digital control panel, unobtrusive side venting and modern design.

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