ORANSI Mod Jr | HEPA Air Purifier for Home & Bedroom, 3-Stage HEPA & Carbon Air Filter Air Cleaner - 878 Sq Ft coverage

  • A 3-Stage HEPA & Carbon Air Purifier for Large Rooms - Ideal for the home, the office, the classroom, and large living spaces. Room coverage of 1250 Sq Ft with 2 air changes per hour.
  • HEPA Filter Efficiency 99.97% (MERV 17) with No Ozone - With filtration down to 0.02 microns and carbon filtration absorbing VOCs from smoke and pollution. In a 2 hour test, the mod removed 88% of formaldehyde.
  • Whisper Quiet as Low as 20 dB for No Sleep Disruption - With variable fan speeds and no motor hum thanks to the latest EC motor technology.
  • Energy Star Certified with up to 90% Less Power - Using the latest Japanese engineered EC (Electrically Commutated) motors for increased airflow efficiency at a fraction of the power.
  • 10 Year Warranty, Rated #1 in Clemson University Study - Effective for fine particles, smoke and gas, as well as common allergens such as pet dander and pollen.

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