Safety Equipment

EUXOR, Safety Glasses (2 Pack)

  • Rubber frame
  • Glass lens
  • UV Light Protection, Anti Fog Lens, Z87.1 + EN 166 coating
  • ✅Design Series (2 Pack) Safety Glasses with Side Shields | Scratch & Fog Resistant, Comfortable & Stylish, Clear Lens. Before first use, adjust the temple arm to your desire length so it will help during wearing GLASSES OVER GOGGLES. Please refer one of the IMAGE for direction.
  • ✅ ANTI-FOG LENSES GIVE YOU A CLEAR VISION The double-layer hydrophilic nano-coating can reduce and overcome the surface tension of the water droplets, turning the small water droplets in the mist into a thin and uniform water film, which can overcome the refraction of the messy light by the water droplets in the mist.
  • ✅ Peripheral Protection Built-In side shields help protect the eye area from peripheral projectiles. The side shields are also vented to ensure proper airflow and long-wearing comfort.
  • ✅ Design Series Safety Glasses with Side Shields. Scratch & Fog Resistant, Comfortable & Stylish, Clear Lens. Peripheral Vision.
  • ✅ Anti-Spatter / Splash, Safety Glasses Protective Eye Wear - Over-The-Glass, Impact Resistance, Waterproof, Block droplets.

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