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Pretty Biznez Facial Steamer for Deep Cleaning Home - SPA Face Humidifier Atomizer for Women Men Moisturizing - Professional Humidifier Blackheads Remover Steamer

  • Cleanse your face thoroughly and pat dry. A new nano-ionic facial steamer is equipped with a purify light inside, which can convert 100% pure water into nano-sized water molecules, reach your skin with purest and most effective condition. Help you clean the dirt and impurities of your skin.
  • Fill the water tank of the device with distilled water. This facial steamer allows you to enjoy 15 minutes of skincare golden time, this is the best time limit. It should not be too a long or too short a time, otherwise, it will have a bad effect on the skin, not enough hydration or steaming for too long can cause skin injury.
  • For most customers who have the habit of aromatherapy, specially set up aromatherapy funnel and aromatherapy cotton, as long as you like, you can add what you want.
  • The hot mist opens the pores, removes the skin toxins, deep penetration, full of water molecules directly to the skin deep, beauty from the outside, promotes the absorption of skincare products, delicate skin, remove skin aging the stratum corneum promotes skin metabolism, activates cell vitality. Note: To extend the life of the steamer, please drain the water tank after each use and turn the facial steamer upside down to dry the water.
  • Choose an Glycolic Acid or Mandelic Acid followed by a Pretty Biznez Skincare serum and moisturizer of your choice (each sold separately).

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